Types of Piercing Supplies

piercing supplies

There are many different kinds of piercing supplies, each with their own special purpose. Most of these supplies are meant to hold a body part still for the needle to penetrate. Various kinds of forceps are available, including slotted and non-slotted types, and are very important for septum piercing. The septum forceps are a common type of piercing supply, with a small tunnel at the end.

Best Way To Keep Skin Clean After Piercing Is To Use A Hand Gel

The pliers used in body piercing are the most basic types. They are used for opening and closing captive bead rings, and are used on various body parts. Other piercing supplies include the following:

Needles: Needle gauges vary, but most piercing needles will work for most types of piercing. Typically, a gauge of 18 or 22 is used for nose piercing. Buying a high-quality needle will ensure a less painful experience for customers and make them more likely to return to your piercing studio. When buying piercing needles, make sure to purchase hypoallergenic ones.

Hands Sanitizers: The best way to keep skin clean after piercing is to use a hand gel. Dermal punches are also available in larger gauge sizes, and can save your client from a long stretching process. For safety reasons, it’s also recommended that you have a hand sanitizer dispenser on hand. You can buy one for your studio at a cheap price. This prevents the spread of bacteria and bloodborne pathogens.

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