Reasons To Choose A New Install Of Bathroom Suites

Your choice of sink for an ensuite renovation project should be an important consideration as the basin is likely to be the centrepiece of your room. Choosing a sink that compliments the style of the room’s decor is important, so that it works in harmony with the rest of the house. A contemporary white sink would look out of place in a period property, whereas a traditional wooden basin can work perfectly in a period Georgian house. Your choice of sink for your redesigning task should be influenced by your budget and your personal preferences.

Reasons To Choose A New Install Of Bathroom Suites

Another important consideration when considering your options for an on-site ensuite renovation is the type of shower you will install. Shower screens are available in a wide range of materials, colours and styles. They also come in different thicknesses and load capacities, so there is no need to be restrictive about which one you choose. Tile is an ideal choice for bathroom showers and stands out from the crowd both in its elegance and affordability. While many people opt for a vinyl shower screen, others are moving towards stone tile showers as they not only look better, but are far more durable than the cheaper alternatives.

Tile has the advantage of being easily cleaned, which will reduce the maintenance required by your new fitted toilets. Natural stone is also a much more hygienic option than the cheaper resin slabs and will help to maintain the cleanliness of your newly remodeled toilet. Bathroom suites are also a popular amenity for ensuite renovations, offering users a wealth of flexible design choices. Depending on your needs and tastes, you can choose a suite that includes a toilet, sink and shower, or you can decide to buy separate components to suit your specific requirements. This flexibility is also a boon for those who find themselves changing their minds on a regular basis as they realise that their children might want one of their units at some point!

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