New York Detox Centers That Accept Medicare

The need for detox facilities near me centers has increased with the alarming rise in heroin and prescription drug abuse in the United States. If you are an addict, chances are that you know of people close to you who are also addicted or have been addicted to some other substance. It is easy to be drawn into the temptations of drugs, whether through the use of street drugs or over-the-counter medications. These “legal” drugs are far from harmless and can cause a wide variety of physical and psychological problems, leading to an addictive personality disorder such as addiction.

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When searching for a New York detox centers, it is important to make sure they accept Medicare. It is common for facilities to try to sidestep this requirement by referring you to a drug abuse hotline, which will generally lead you to a waiting list or a commission that will charge your Medicare benefits for their “liaisons”. The really good news is that many of the top NYC detox centers accept Medicaid, for detoxification treatments. In this article, we listed the top five New York detox centers that accept Medicaid, so that you can get informed about the quality of care provided at each of the facilities.

The Queens facility called The Queens Rehab Center, accepts Medicare and Medicaid; so that all of the individuals that come for treatment, regardless of income level, are able to receive quality care. They offer detox programs to treat various addictions such as alcoholism, drug abuse, heroin addiction and prescription medication addiction. The detox centers also offer outpatient services, medical services, social service programs and resources for families. The New York State Department of Health and Human Services has placed the Queens Rehab Center on the priority list for offering high quality care for individuals suffering from any form of drug addiction.